About Us

 Established in 2005, Don't Tell Mama is a horn band with a Rock 'N Soul attitude!  Their instrumentation consists of Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, 2 Trumpets, Sax, Trombone, Baritone Sax, Percussion (and Flute), and Drums. This band has 6 lead singers with their own unique vocal styles which adds to the diversity of DTM.  With both female and male lead vocals, and an outstanding horn and rhythm section driving the groove, the group consistently has audiences on their feet.  It is the powerful vocals; the tightest sounding horn section in the area; and the most incredible rhythm section you have ever enjoyed hearing. 

In 2014, DTM stepped up their game with a full-length release of an EP entitled "Got It Covered"- an album full of cover songs that feature some of the best of what Don't Tell Mama has to offer.  "Got It Covered" is a genuinely compelling funk/rock/old school/horn-band experience.  It is available by contacting Don't Tell Mama through the website or by email: donttell05@gmail.com.


 Don't Tell Mama is:

Courtney Maravilla - Lead Vocals

Borden Byrd - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Ken Graves - Bass, Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals

Warren Willis - Keyboards, Backup Vocals

Blake McElroy - Drums, Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals

Maria Lightford - Percussion, Flute, Backup Vocals, Band Manager

Rich Wonders - Trombone, Lead vocals, Backup Vocals

Charles Ledbetter- Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Sax

Jack Rowland - Trumpet, Flugel, Backup Vocals

Glenn Lightford - Trumpet, Flugel, Backup Vocals, Band Leader

Terry Jordan -  Lead and Backup Vocals, Baritone Sax  

Stan Williams - Sound Engineer                                                                             


THE ALIBIS are:   

Hana Schell - Vocals

Petra Yasin - Vocals

Nina Marcusson - Vocals                          


 What people have been saying:

"Great music last night! Made my birthday celebration the best ever! "  Robert K.

"I Love a great horn band.  You guys rocked with that full wall of sound from the horn section" Dan G.

"Wow! You played all of my favorite songs even without me asking for them!  Better than listening to a DJ "  Susan T.

"Don't Tell Mama really got us dancing the entire night.  Very refreshing. Thank you"   Gina R.

"So glad to hear that you guys were on the Main Stage at the House of Blues!  And it was a full House?  Wow, you've made it man! Keep on rockin' ! "  J.D. 

 "Thank you for making our party a successful and memorable one.  We dance, we sang, and had a great time.  Don't Tell Mama has truly outperformed the competition. "  Mike C.

"You guys are on the top of my "A" list.  We want you back !"  Bob

"Hubby and I went out to see Don't Tell Mama at Red Rock Bar & Grill last night.  Their sound was great.  Everyone seemed to be on top of their game.  They also had a great mix of songs.  We will be seeing you guys again.  Had a blast ! "  T.D.


2014- People's Choice Award, MSF DFW

           2nd Place Best Free Form, Non-Tracking Band, MSF DFW

           Best Trumpet - Glenn Lightford, MSF DFW

2015 - People's Choice Award, MSF DFW

            1st Place Best Free Form, Non-Tracking Band, MSF DFW

            Best TRumpet - Glenn Lightford, MSF DFW

2016 - People's Choice Award, MSF DFW

           Best Free Form Band, Non-Tracking Band, MSF DFW

           Best Trumpet - Glenn Lightford, MSF DFW

           Best Trombone - Rich Wonders, MSF DFW

2017 - People's Choice Award, MSF DFW

            2nd Place Best Free Form, Non-Tracking Band, MSF DFW

            Best Trumpet - Glenn Lightford, MSF DFW

2018- People's Choice Award, MSF DFW


2014, 2015, 2016, Give A Kid A Coat Foundation Award with Sir Earl Toon of Kool & The Gang Band

 "Best Up and Coimng Band in Dallas to watch for" FOX 4 News

"Most Interesting and exciting Band in Dallas" CBS, Channel 11 News